Art & Taxation


  • For a legal and fiscal framework adapted to the world of art.
  • To qualify for legal mediation.
  • To promote your economic and artistic assets through the creation of texts and/or drawings.
  • To by and sell works of art
  • To show and promote your works of art



The field of art is increasingly professionalized. The upcoming opening of several major museums in Switzerland confirms and thus implies the need for people trained for this purpose.

It is in this sense that M2U helps to prepare future actors of the art market currently booming.



Ghahraman Hormozi, website and exhibition from August to September 2013

Ghahraman Hormozi, confirmed artist , painter and sculptor, opens his first website and will also be

The new M2U 2013 brochure is out !

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Start of the courses : 20 February 2013

Dear Citizen of the world of art, we are pleased to tell you that from

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